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Digital (100 Lap memory)

  • The VTAC DIGITAL RACING TACHOMETER is the Premier Oval Track Tachometer proven on the WoO circuit & used by top Sprint Car, Midget and Dirt Late Model teams!

vtac i n bracket
  • Play the video to see all the great features! ( be sure you allow Active x for this page)
  • World of Outlaws Sprints in Action
    • Displays true RPM while racing - Real time display
    • Stores 100 laps of true min and max RPM (Great for judging gear use)
    • Stores and displays Best Lap of the session - excludes yellow laps
    • Use for 4 and 8 cylinder & magneto/non-magneto (distributor) ignitions- easy switch on screen
    • Sleep mode to extend battery life - 9 volt battery included!
    • Easy connection and mounting - comes with slide in mounting bracket and template for easy installation!

    VTAC Slide-out Dashmount Bracket with mounting template

    YES ! this VTAC is THE tach for you if you:

  • Want to KNOW what RPM you are turning on both straightaways, and coming out of the corner. We RECORD your 2 highs ( at the end of the straightaways) and 2 lows coming out of turn 2 and 4 for each lap , up to 100 laps!. So you'll KNOW what you are really turning during the race , as the track changes, when you get in traffic, and coming out of the corner on each lap, too.
  • Want to know more than just the one high rpm when your tires broke loose!
  • Want to maximize torque for the entire race. Races are won with torque coming out of the corner , not just speed on the straightaway
  • Your VTAC is the ONLY tach that gives you the information on your RPM in the corners - which you need to find the right settings to get the most torque
  • Don't take our word for it...see what the top racers, chassis and engine builders say about why they wouldn't be without their VTAC
  • Tony Menard - original creator of the VTAC in action

    • Rugged good looks - CNC Billet Aluminum Housing
    • Push button back light for easy night viewing
    • Comes with all connectors, resistors for different ignitions, and wiring harness with easy on/ off connection!
    • VTAC wire harness and connectors included
    • This unit is so slick it can be removed from the car in seconds for washing and maintenance. (No tools required!)

  • Have a look at the video to see the compact size of the VTAC & how simple it is to remove from your car! ( be sure you allow Active x for this page)
  • Where you can use your VTAC:

  • ALL OVAL TRACKS , Dirt or pavement, doesn't matter
  • With a Distributor & ignition system OR with a Magneto
  • Running 8 cylinders OR 4 cylinders
  • On a Midget, Sprint Car, Stock Car, Late Model, Modified, Minisprint, Silver Crown, etc.,etc. , pretty much ANY oval track race car!
  • Sprints, Minisprints, Midgets, Dirt Late Models...pretty much ALL oval track racers can and do use the Vtac
  • PLUS if you run more than one race car , you can easily switch modes on screen , for example from Sprint to Midget to Minisprint... Simple!
  • Simple, easy to use, and gives you tons of secret knowledge that your competition just won't have. Information you can use to SHAVE seconds off your lap time!(Check out what one happy customer has to say about that)
  • Yes the VTAC is for you if you race Oval tracks and you want REAL RPM info , to make a DIFFERENCE in your lap time and help you WIN races
  • VTAC alone out of Dash Mount

    Tony Menard - 1957-2010 VTAC company info