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So who RUNS the 100 Lap Digital VTAC ?

  • ...besides all the top World of Outlaws SPRINTCAR teams - like Craig Dollansky!
  • How about TOP World of Outlaw DIRT LATE MODEL TEAMS, and TOP MIDGET TEAMS, and the mixed Midget / Sprint teams run by top Nascar drivers, too?
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OUTLAWS Dirt Late Models

World of Outlaws Favorite:

  • Outlaw proven by Craig Dollansky, the VTAC has long been a favorite of top World of Outlaw Sprint teams.
  • World of Outlaw Dirt Late Models teams like top runners Shannon Babb & Matt Miller also rely on the VTAC for the edge it gives them
  • With lap by lap, 2 HIGH & 2 LOW RPM Per lap - up to 100 Laps - their VTAC is the ONLY tach that can stay with them for the WHOLE race
  • No other tachometer gives teams the invaluable information of RPMS of a whole race- NOT JUST 2 LAPS!
  • When you know what RPM you are turning for a WHOLE race (not just when qualifying, or the High RPM spike when your tires break loose) you can select the RIGHT gears, and tune your engine for the TRUE RPM you need
  • Matt Miller in Action

  • Your VTAC will give you ALL the info you need
  • Look - everyone needs a tach...but if all you care about is one high RPM, and you don't care when it happened, or how...then the VTAC is not for you
  • This is not the "model T" tach - your VTAC gives you the REAL COMPLETE story of what you are turning - for the WHOLE race
  • When you are looking to tune your engine AND for the right gear selection you can't afford NOT to know what you are really turning!
  • Chris Wall with his VTAC in a Ronnie Stuckey carChris Wall
  • But don't just take our word for it...here's what Ronnie Stuckey (Legendary Dirt Late Model Builder for all these top guys) says about the VTAC...
  • Ronnie Stuckey Enterprises Shop

  • Ronnie Stuckey of Stuckey Enterprises says...
  • " The VTAC gives you more than TWICE the information of any other tach for the same price ..."
  • " You get the per lap lows... to use for gear changes
  • "AND the largest memory - the highs per lap along with the overall high- ...with all that info we can make much more ACCURATE chassis adjustments."
  • Intimigator Chris Wall - multi champion and VTAC userIntimigator Chris Wall - multi champion and VTAC user
  • David Gailey of Smileys Racing Products had this to say about their VTAC...
  • " We have shaved TWO seconds off our lap time by using our VTAC..."
  • " We compare our lap by lap RPMs and our lap times, and watch our video, and all of a sudden we have a whole lot of secret information that no one else has
  • ...over the last 2 years we have taken two seconds off our lap time with what we have learned through using our VTAC."

Midget Favorite:

  • Jay Drake (as part of top NASCAR driver Tony Stewart's Sprint and Midget team) used ONLY VTACs in ALL their sprint and midget cars
  • Jay Drake and Tony Stewart

  • His favorite feature? "Seeing the whole race - as soon as I come in I go through the laps on our VTAC and write down the highs and lows for every lap
  • Jay Drake in Midget Action running for Tony Stewart Racing

  • Jay found their VTACs especially critial "When setting up a new motor"
  • Jay says he also really liked being able to "Switch engine types right from the panel, without opening the Tach"
  • J.J.Yeley and Bud Kaeding (VTAC Customer & Dealer) Downunder

    J.J. Yeley & Bud Kaeding ( VTAC Dealer) in Action 'Downunder'

  • J.J.Yeley's Midget Team says this about their VTAC...
  • Jack Yeley ( manager of elite NASCAR driver J.J. Yeley's Sprint and Midget team ) says, " My son, J.J., told me "you HAVE to run this VTAC tach - it's the best""
  • J.J. Yeley's team runs their VTACs for both the information their VTAC gives them AND for how easy it is to remove from their cars
  • J.J. Yeley's Midget Team in Action

  • Says Jack " At Chilibowl, we flipped the car - but our VTAC stayed put"
  • ..."all I had to do was slide it out & into our back-up car and it worked perfect"
  • The 100 lap VTAC is not just for TOP race teams run by Nascar drivers - it is for ALL oval track racers who want more from the price of their tachometer
  • Rossman Racing - another VTAC Customer & Dealer...

    Rossman Racing - longtime VTAC customer (& dealer)

  • The digital Oval Track VTAC is for ANYONE who wants EVERY piece of equipment they put in their race car to give them top performance - that extra edge - it is for RACERS LIKE YOU!
  • Bill Wise of William Wise Enterprises says having a VTAC on board is "like having a secret weapon"...
  • " I recommend it to ALL my engine customers"
  • VTAC alone out of Dash Mount VTAC Slide-out Dashmount Bracket with mounting template VTAC wire harness and connectors included